Is there an advantage/benefit to applying Early Decision?

Yes. Early Decision applicants are part of a much smaller pool of candidates. Of the more than 36,000 applications Boston College received during the 2022-23 admission cycle, approximately 4,400 students applied via Early Decision I or II. During the Early Decision rounds, 30% of applicants were admitted, compared with an overall admit rate of 15%.

Because Early Decision attracts a small, but competitive pool of candidates, the acceptance rate is higher than at Regular Decision. Early Decision allows you to demonstrate your commitment to enroll at Boston College. It also enhances our ability to enroll students interested in the Jesuit, Catholic approach to education, personal growth, and service of others.

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What are the possible Early Decision outcomes?

Should you elect to apply Early Decision to Boston College, you may expect one of three outcomes: Admit, Defer, or Deny. Highly competitive candidates not admitted through Early Decision will be deferred for additional consideration in our Regular Decision round. Candidates who would not be competitive in our Regular Decision process will be denied admission. This allows them to focus their time and effort on other options for college.

What about financial aid?

Boston College is need blind in the admission process and pledges to meet the full demonstrated need of every admitted student. We are committed to enrolling a student body with a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. We take pride in making Boston College an affordable option for families, but urge you to use our net price calculators to determine your likelihood of qualifying for financial aid, and what kind of package you might expect to receive if admitted.

If Boston College is unquestionably your first choice, and you have confidence in your family’s ability to meet the full cost of attendance with or without need-based financial aid, we urge you to use the Early Decision option.

If you have used our net price calculators and have determined that Boston College is financially viable, it is likely that our financial aid award will meet your expectations. Students may only be released from their Early Decision commitment if, after a conversation with our financial aid office, financial factors preclude enrollment.

Admitted Early Decision candidates will be fully considered for one of 18, full-tuition, merit-based scholarships through the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program. However, please be aware that competition is intense for these scholarships. Candidates whose families will depend on a merit-based scholarship to fund their college experience should not apply Early Decision.

Committed to Affordability

We’re dedicated to providing need-based financial assistance and helping students obtain a variety of aid to meet their full, demonstrated financial need.

The Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program offers a four-year, full-tuition scholarship

How do I apply for a Presidential Scholarship?

Each year, Boston College awards 18 academically merit-based scholarships to incoming freshmen through the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program.Both Early Decision and Regular Decision candidates are eligible for Presidential Scholarship consideration as long as they meet the November 1 priority scholarship deadline.No additional application materials are required for this scholarship.

The Presidential Scholarship is afour-year, full-tuition scholarship. If a student demonstrates need beyond tuition, as determined by Boston College's institutional analysis, this need would be met with additional scholarship funds.

Finalists for the Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program will be notified of their status in early January.These students will be invited to Boston College at our expense for interviews and evaluation in mid-February. They will be notified of final decisions shortly thereafter.

Early Decision I

November 1

Early Decision I is a binding admission program for students who view Boston College as their top choice.

By December 15

Early Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than December 15.

Early Decision II

January 2

Early Decision II is a binding admission program for students who view Boston College as their top choice.

By February 15

Early Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than February 15.

Regular Decision

January 2

Regular Decision is a non-binding admission program and the majority of applicants apply through Regular Decision.

By April 1

Regular Decision applicants will be notified of their admission decision no later than April 1.

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