Developing the Nation's Future Leaders

Each year since 1991, a select group of young men and women of outstanding talent and character have come to Boston College to embark on an integrated honors educational experience designed to embody the best of the University and its Jesuit heritage of educational excellence in service to society—the Boston College Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program.The 4 core values which are the pillars of the Program are: Global Leadership, Hospitality, Fidelity to our Partners and Promoting the Common Good.

The Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program works in tandem with the University's rigorous curricula, challenging Scholars over four years through summer programs focusing onservice learning,international experience,andprofessional internships. During the academic year, Scholars interact with one another on a weekly basis. Each Tuesday night the Scholars gather to attend a cultural event, meet to discuss their academic disciplines, discuss career discernment, or to work on special projects. These gatherings are intended to nurture their development into the nation's future leaders.

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Tuesday Evening Meetings

On Tuesday evenings our Scholars meet from across the four classes to discuss their area of concentrations (science and pre-med, humanities, political science and international studies, and management, economics, and finance) to share experiences and find greater wisdom in applying for study grants, language programs, internships, and prestigious fellowships; and, to partake in the cultural life of Boston at the theater, the ballet, or at the symphony.

Fellowship Advisement

The Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program has close links with the University Fellowships Committee and can offer advisement and guidance on many fellowships available to undergraduate and graduate students. A special workshop is held for Scholars to learn about the proposal writing process so that they are fully prepared to apply for these opportunities. See a list of awards won byBC Presidential Scholars.

Learn more about the many opportunities available through theUniversity's Fellowship program.

Summer PULSE Program

To fulfill the Jesuit ideal of being men and women in service to others, during the summer following their freshman year the Scholars explore the problems of hunger, homelessness, and educational inequity in the Boston area through participation in a program modeled after PULSE, Boston College's nationally acclaimed course of study and service. Through their work, Presidential Scholars are challenged to see themselves in relation to acute national problems, to think creatively about the roots of these problems, the nature and efficacy of society's response, and the response that these problems elicit in their own personal and professional lives. Placements in recent years have included the Spectrum Boys' Unit, the Suffolk County House of Correction, Rosie's Place, the Labouré Center, the Italian Home for Children, the Project Bread Hunger Hotline, Haley House, and St. Francis House. In parallel with their service, Scholars read and reflect on a variety of texts--from philosophy, social science, public policy, economics and theology--pertinent to issues of poverty and social justice. Weekly discussion sessions challenge Scholars to integrate these readings with their field experiences and to reflect on the implications for their personal values and professional goals.

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International Experience

During spring break freshman Presidential Scholars travel to a country in Europe, while the sophomore Scholars travel to a country in Latin America during winter break. These trips are intended to be the starting point in the Scholars' journey on becoming "global citizens." In their freshman year, they spend a week in a non-English speaking European country, so as to realize skills that meet the challenge of linguistic differences. In their sophomore year, they have an immersion experience of the social and economic challenges for our neighbors to the South.

In the summer following their sophomore year, they are expected individually to construct a minimal eight-week experience that combines language study with service learning, lab work or some other activity where they can become fully immersed into the culture and country where they are spending the summer. These summer experiences may be extended into their first semester junior year by studying abroad.

Below is a sampling of International Perspective & Language Program placements. International Perspective & Language Program reports are available upon request. Access to reports is restricted to current Scholars. Emailsarah.gregorian@bc.eduto request an e-copy of any report. A hard copy of each report is available in the GPSP Library for current Scholars to read.

Summer 2023

  • Research Assistant, Dr. Jianchen Yang, Computer Vision Lab, EPFL Polytechnic University, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Intern, PwC, New York, NY
  • Introductory Cantonese, Chinese University of Hong Kong’s, International Summer School, Ma Liu Shui, Hong Kong
  • Research Intern, Dr. Eleanor Stride, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Nuffield Orthopedic Centre, Oxford, England, And Research Team of Prof. Bryan Ranger, Boston College – HCE, Ethiopia
  • Volunteer w/refugees, Iglesia San Antón, Mensajeros de La Paz, Chueca, Madrid, Spain
  • Student Teacher, Galilee Catholic Primary School, North Bondi Beach, Australia
  • Atlantis Shadowing Program, Infanta Elena University Hospital, And Intensive Spanish Language Course, Enforex Spanish School, Salamanca, Spain
  • Intern, Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck Super Fablab (JNWSFL), Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Disaster Nursing Preparedness: Serene Awareness Course, at La Source Institut et Haute, Ecole de la Santé, University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Girls Who Invest (GWI) Summer Intensive Program, University of Pennsylvania at The Wharton School, And as part of GWI: Intern, Guggenheim Partners, Santa Monica, CA
  • Intensive Portuguese Language Course, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), Critical Language Scholarship, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Azurlingua Language School, French Language Course, Nice, France
  • Teacher’s Assistant, Galilee Catholic Primary School, North Bondi Beach, Australia
  • Volunteer, Jesuit Refugee Services, Luxembourg,Luxembourg
  • Intensive German language classes, German Language School, Berlin, Germany
  • Elementary Biblical Hebrew Course, Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel
  • Boston College/Jesuit Refugee Service Program, Eco-Farming Project, Siem Reap, Cambodia, And Research Intern in Mathematics, Oxford University, Oxford, England
  • Intensive Italian courses, Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci, Rome, Italy and Independent Language Immersion Messina, Sicily, AndEngineering summer class with Professor Glenn Guadette,Quito, Ibarra, Amazonia, Cuenca, and Mindo, Ecuador
  • Intensive French Language Course, University of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
  • Intensive French Course, Science Po, Paris, France, And Dr. Draganski’s laboratory University of Lausanne, Center for Climate Impact and Action (CLIMACT), Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Volunteer, Valdepiélagos – Eco Village, Northeast of Madrid, And Young People’s Volunteer Program, Cáritas España, Madrid, Spain, And Pilgrimage Camino de Santiago, Northern Way, Spain
  • Intern, GAMCO Investors, Inc., Rye, NY, And Humboldt Institute, Intensive German Language Course, Berlin, Germany
  • Boston University’s Summer Internship Program, Paris, France

Summer 2022

  • Float Lending (financial tech company), Stockholm, Sweden
  • Vietnamese Language Studies, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Council on International Education Exchange (CIEE), Paris, France
  • Scuola Romit, Italian Language & Cultural Program, Rome, Italy
  • American Councils for International Education, Global Education Center, Florence, Italy
  • Actuarial Intern, Liberty Mutual, Actuarial Development Program, Boston, MA
  • Float Lending (financial tech company), Stockholm, Sweden
  • American Councils for International Education, Global Education Center, Florence, Italy
  • Courses at Yonsei International Summer School, Korean language course & East Asian Cinema, Seoul, South Korea
  • Sciences Po Summer School, Paris, France
  • Analyst Intern, Gardskapital – start up investment Fund, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Education First’s, Intensive Italian Language Program, Rome, Italy
  • Child Family Health International, Global Health program, Cordoba, Argentina

Summer 2021

  • Mandarin Chinese Online Language Course, Taiwan Intensive Summer Language Program American Councils for International Education
  • Outreach & Communications Intern, Leadership Brainery, Boston, MA; And French On-line Language Course FLS Language Hub Boston, MA
  • On-line Spanish Language Course, Rocket Spanish
  • Japanese Equities Research Analyst, Usonian Japanese Value Fund, San Francisco, CA; AndPrivate language lessons in Japanese
  • Kino Border Initiative & Save the Children, Nogales, Sonora, México
  • Kino Border Initiative Nogales, Sonora, México
  • On-Line Latin Language Course Harvard Divinity School Summer Language Program
  • On-line Spanish language course, DuoLingo
  • Studying Dutch with a private tutor, And VolunteerMeri Body (non-profit based in Amsterdam) Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Assistant Music Teacher and Handyman, Mato Grosso Mission, Celén, Ecuador
  • Online Korean Language Course, Yonsei University

Summer 2020

  • UC BerkeleySummer Sessions, Chinese (Mandarin) Language Course, Online
  • Middlebury Language Schools’ Kathryn W. Davis School of Russian,Online
  • University of Mississippi’s Flagship Program,Arabic Language Course, Online
  • University of Alabama,German Language Study, Private Tutor
  • Center for Global Engagement & Experience,Augsberg College:Contemporary Latin American Women: Text & Voices, Spanish, Online; andIntern (remote), EcoHouse (Environmental non-profit); and Political Affairs Internship (remote), Borgen Project (non-profit devoted to global development & poverty eradication
  • Rosetta Stone, Spanish; and Intern, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners (bilingual program)
  • Preply, French course with tutor, Online
  • Pimsleur Method Program, Italian, Online, and Immersion software Yabla
  • Biomedical Sciences department, Creighton University of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services
  • Intern, Whitaker Securities; and Intern, Yotribe (tech start up based in Germany, remote);, Italian Language Course tutor, Online
  • University of Massachusetts,French Language Course, Online
  • Intern, BigML, Valencia, Spain (remote in Spanish)
  • Center for Global Experience and Education Augsberg College:Conversation and Composition, andConversations in Cultural Context, Spanish language courses, Online
  • Programming language R course, Online; andTranslating a musical from Russian to English
  • Article Writer Website:Parlia- an encyclopedia of opinion, and Salesperson, Anschutz Public Relations (remote)
  • Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain (remote)
  • Fellow, Virtual Global Health Fellowship Program, Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children, Africa and Asia focused; and Boston College:Biostatistics Course, Online; andSpanish Language Course, Private Tutor, Online

Summer 2019

  • Absolute Internship Program, Madrid, Spain
  • Intensive French Language Course, Centre International d’Antibes, Antibes, France
  • Volunteer on childcare project, International Volunteer Headquarters, Maximo Nivel, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Intensive French Language Course, Institut Linguistique Adenet, Montpellier, France
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, Camino Barcelona Spanish School, Barcelona, Spain
  • And, Intensive Spanish Language Course, La Lacunza International House, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Pod Volunteers, Children’s Day Care Project, Arequipa, Peru
  • Technion Institute of Technology’s Summer in Entrepreneurship with Professional Internship Program, And Modern Hebrew Course, Technion University, Haifa, Israel
  • Acquisition of Zurich’s Swiss German Dialect, Schweizerdeutsch Tutoring Service, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Intern, La Chispa (NGO social entrepreneurship), Mexico City, Mexico
  • Spanish Language Course, Universidad de La Salle, And Intern, La Chispa (NGO social entrepreneurship), Mexico City, Mexico
  • Research Intern, Intrepid Analytics, And French Language Classes, ENAIP School, Zurich, Switzerland
  • Visiting Student Researcher, National Institute of Public Health, Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
  • Language Study and Internship, Central Bank of Armenia, Yerevan and Dilijian, Armenia

Summer 2018

  • Italian Language Study & and course on Environmental & Global Occupational Medicine, and Research Assistant to Dr. Roberto Lucchini, Division of Occupational Medicine, University of Brescia, Brescia, Italy
  • Intern Pangea (a start-up management consulting firm) Madrid, Spain
  • Intensive Chinese Language Course Harvard Beijing Academy, Beijing Language & Culture University Beijing, China
  • Research Assistant Prof. Joseph Nugent Dublin, Ireland, And SIT Panama: Community and Nongovernmental Organizations Internship Program, Panama City, Panama Research Intern
  • National Institute of Public Health Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
  • Research Assistant to Professor Wren Lewis Paris School of Economics, And French Language Study Alliance Francaise Paris, France
  • Critical Language Scholarship Program Arabic Language Course Arab American Language Institute Meknes, Morocco
  • Fellow Sage Corps, Paris, France
  • Child Family Health International Reproductive & Sexual Health as a Human Right Program, Quito, Ecuador
  • Cultural Experiences Abroad Internship Program, Marketing, Asociacion Argentina de Cultura Inglesa, And Language Study at the Academia Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Research Assistant to Dr. Janak Nathan Sanjeev Clinic, Mumbai, India & Intensive French Language Program
  • CIEE Summer Arabic Language Program, Rabat, Morocco
  • French Language Study, Institut Linguistique Adenet (ILA), Montpellier, France
  • YueYang Hospital of Integrated Traditional Chinese & Western Medicine, And mandarin language study, Fudan University or at Shanghai International Studies University, Shanghai, China

Summer 2017

  • Semi-Intensive Intermediate German Language Course, and Volunteer Intern, German Federal Election, Berlin, Germany
  • Arabic Language Classes, Sijal Institute, Amman, Jordan
  • Arabic Language & Culture Program, American University of Beirut (through the Center for Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies), Beirut, Lebanon
  • Photojournalism Intern,Philippine Daily Inquirer,andTagalog language study, Manila, Philippines
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, Camino Barcelona Spanish School, Barcelona, Spain, and Intensive Spanish Language Course, Lacunza International House, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Georgian Language Lessons, Language Center of Georgia, Tiblisi, Georgia, and Shadowing doctors, Heads of Neurosurgery & Neurology, Achali Hospital, Tiblisi and Tskemi, Georgia
  • Spanish in Health in Latin America, International Center of Development Studies, San Jose, Costa Rica
  • EUSA Internship Program, Marketing Internship, Paris, France
  • German Language Course, Goethe Institute, and Independent Research on Refugee Integration & Identity Formation in Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • French Language Classes, Sorbonne through the American Institute for Foreign Study, and Research Assistant,Etudes(academic journal), Paris France
  • Russian Language Course, Higher School of Economics, Intensive Summer Language School, Moscow, Russia
  • Armenian Language Study, and Research on “Investigating the Effects of Armenia’s Parliamentary Transition of the Political Opposition” Yerevan, Armenia
  • Intern, Seeds of Progress, Matagalpa, Nicaragua

Summer 2016

  • Research Assistant, World Peace & Reconciliation, and studying Chadian Arabic, Classical Arabic, Modern Standard Arabic and Sudanese Arabic, Kampala, Uganda
  • Global Experiences Internship Program, Barcelona, Spain
  • Intensive Chinese Language Course, Harvard Beijing Academy, Beijing Language & Culture University, Beijing, China
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, Enforex - Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
  • Intern, Mondo Agit (translation agency), and Intensive Spanish Language Course, El Instituto Cervantes, Barcelona, Spain
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, Toucan Spanish School, And Internship, Kogi Mobile, Medellin, Columbia
  • Intensive Japanese Language Study, and Research on the Efficacy of Urban Infrastructure Regeneration, Seisen University and NGO Peaceboat, Yokohama City, Japan and The Suncheon Bay National Garden, Suncheon, South Korea
  • Internship Program, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea
  • Intensive French Language Course, Accord École de Langues, and Discerning vocation by living with the Saint-Louis de Gonzague Jesuit Community, Paris, France
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, La Escuela del Mundo, Jáco, Costa Rica
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, and Research Program, The Foundation for Sustainable Development, Cochabamba, Boliva
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, and Volunteer Nurse, at a local hospital, Mente Argentina Program, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, Hispaniola Language School, and Medical Intern, Hospital Robert Reid Carbral, and Research Assistant to Yale Medical School’s Dr. Marietta Vazquez’s research on HIV & other infectious diseases, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course, and Volunteer, Women’s Empowerment and Recovery Community Center, Mente Argentina Program, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Intern, Hermitage Museum, and Volunteer with the monks, Alexander Nevsky Monastery, and Intensive Russian Language Course, Apple Language School, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • Intern, MassChallenge Mexico (startup accelerator), Mexico City, Mexico
  • Korean Language Course & Research on the modern character of Korean culture, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
  • Advanced Mandarin Language Course, Peking University, Beijing, China, and Sociological Research, kitchen appliances factory, Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China

Summer 2015

  • Research project studying the disparities in social services provided to residents in Quito Abuelitos de la Calle, Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Quito, Ecuador
  • AIL Madrid-- Instituto de Cervantes, Intensive Language Course, Madrid, Spain
  • Spanish and Liberation Theology course & Pastoral Volunteer; Maryknoll Mission Center & Language Institute, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • American Bar Association’s Rule of Law Institute, Moscow, Russia and Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington, DC
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course Academia Internacional de Linguas, and Spanish Law, Politics, and Economics, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
  • Intensive Study of Urdu; U.S. State Department Critical Language Scholarship Program; American Institute of Indian Studies, Lucknow, India
  • BC Madrid Internship Program, Intern at High C Consulting, Madrid, Spain
  • BC Paris Internship Program, Intern at Solidarite Roquette & Avocats, Paris, France
  • AIL Madrid, Intensive Spanish Language Course & Salsa Dance Classes; Madrid, Spain, and Intensive Spanish Language Course & Spanish Cooking Classes, Lacunza International House, San Sebastian, Spain
  • Global Health Research Program, Northwestern University's Global Engagement Studies Institute, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Intensive Spanish Language Course & Tango Classes, Mente Argentina Program, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Computational Intelligence Group and Advanced Statistics Data Mining Dept., Polytechnic University, Madrid, Spain
  • ABCHumboldt School, Intensive Language Course and Volunteering at Barcelona Centre Medic, Barcelona, Spain
  • CIEE Alicante Summer Intensive Spanish Language Course, Alicante, Spain
  • Research on Microfinance, Christian Microfinance Organization- Kallarisunchis & Spanish Language Classes, Proyecto Peru (Spanish Language School), Cusco, Peru; and Intern, CECAM Nourish International, Cochabamba, Bolivia
  • Camino Barcelona Spanish School, Intensive Spanish Language Course, Barcelona, Spain
  • BC Madrid Internship Program, Intern at Hospital Universitario Torrelodones, Madrid, Spain
  • Levantine Arabic Language Course, Safi Institute, And Research Intern,Aztag,And Volunteer at CAHL (a nursing home in Bourj Hammoud a neighborhood in East Beirut),Beruit, Bourj Hammoud, and Kfarabida, Lebanon

Professional Internships

In pursuit of the Boston College tradition of education as instrument, Presidential Scholars work in demanding professional settings during the summer following their junior year. The internship provides Scholars with an initial exposure to a potential career path, and the opportunity to reflect on themselves as emerging professionals and leaders. Scholars spend six - ten weeks at their placements, where they are expected to function as full-time employees. Supervisors are encouraged to assign tasks that allow Scholars to work creatively and independently, and to provide them with as broad an overview as possible. In tandem with their practical work experience, Scholars develop:

  • a global awareness of the nature of the organization, the relationship between its goals and its internal structure
  • the nature of organizational leadership; the prevailing model of leadership and how this is reflected in its approach to professional development
  • the ways in which decisions are made, policies forged, and responsibilities delegated
  • how the organization relates to the wider society as well as to consider the meaning of work in Scholars' lives by exploring aspects of the spirituality of work

Internship reports are available upon request. Access to reports is restricted to current Scholars. Please emailsarah.gregorian@bc.edufor an e-copy of any report. A hard copy of each report is available in the GPSP Library for current Scholars to read.

Summer 2023

  • Mente Argentina Program, Advance Spanish Language Class, VOS Buenos Internships, The Argentine Network for International Cooperation, And Mensajeros de la Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Summer Analyst, Lazard Mergers & Acquisitions Group, Boston, MA
  • Internship, Sales Department, CrowdStrike, Austin, TX
  • Congressional Intern, Office of Congresswoman Jahana Hayes, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
  • Intern, Contacts & eBooks Teams, Creative Media Agency, Boston, MA
  • Summer Wealth Management Analyst, Bank of America, Boston, MA
  • Summer Associate, Boston Consulting Group, Boston, MA
  • Program in Nuclear and Radiochemistry, Department of Energy and the American Chemical Society, San José State University, San José, CA
  • Intern, Call2Talk, Framingham, MA, And VolUp2 (online magazine)
  • Political Consulting and Communications, deWit Impact Group, Boston, MA
  • Summer Analyst, Guggenheim Partners, Guggenheim Securities, Investment Banking and Capital Markets Division, Equity Capital Markets Division, New York, NY
  • Medical Intern, Spring Hills Assisted Living Facility, Somerset, NJ
  • University of Chicago’s Pritzker School of Medicine, Experience in Research (PSOMER)

Summer 2022

  • Biobank Assistant, Maine Medical, Biobank Division, Scarborough, ME
  • Research Intern, Lab of Dr. Belle Liang,
  • Counseling, Development & Educational, Psychology Department, Boston College (Remote from CT) and Undergraduate Counselor, Camp Baker, Judge Baker Children’s Center, Boston & Westwood, MA
  • Product Management Intern, Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Investment Banking Division, Bank of America, New York, NY
  • Intern, PNC Bank, Corporate & Institutional Banking Division, Raleigh, NC
  • Summer Analyst, Investment Banking Division, Global Healthcare Group, UBS Group AG, New York, NY
  • Community Services & Resettlement, Intern, International Institute of New England, Boston, MA And Unite Us Healthcare startup, will work remotely) Arkansas
  • Dental Rotation Intern, Kid’s Dentistree, BracesBracesBraces & Advanced Dental Solutions, Middletown, Louisville, KY
  • Legislative Intern (worked remotely), New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence Public Policy Division, Concord, NH And Research Intern, First Literacy, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Archdiocese of Boston, Boston, MA
  • Investment Banking, Summer Analyst, Guggenheim Partners, Chicago, IL
  • Medical & Research Intern, Zithulele District Hospital, Ginyintsimbi, South Africa, And University of Capetown, Capetown, South Africa
  • Intern, Cargill, Sustainability Team, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Marketing & Public Relations Intern, Pasadena Symphony Orchestra & POPS, Pasadena, CA
  • Research Assistant, VA Boston Healthcare System, Research Department, Parkinson Research, VA Medical Center, Jamaica Plain, MA

Summer 2021

  • Summer Analyst, Internal Audit Program, Citi Bank, Tampa, FL
  • Intern, City of New Orleans, Criminal Justice Coordination, New Orleans, LA
  • Intern, Gladstone Place Partners NY, NY
  • Intern, Collaborative Project between The Southern Poverty Law Center, Greater Birmingham Ministries & the Campaign Legal Center, Birmingham, AL
  • Research Intern, Center for Food Safety, University of New Hampshire
  • Intern, Department of Accountable Care and Clinical Care Integration, Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, MA
  • SHINE Marketing Intern, Deloitte, Client & Market Growth Division NY, NY (remote)
  • Intern, Business Operations Team, Truepill (remote)
  • Biomedical Sciences department, Creighton University or Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, And Studying for the Dental Admissions Test
  • General Summer Analyst, UBS, Investment Banking Division, NY, NY
  • Intern, ChemTalk (non-profit dedicated to Chemistry specific education and outreach)
  • (Remote)
  • Summer Analyst, Investment Banking, Moelis & Company, Boston, MA
  • Educational Services Intern, Project Place, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Career Collaborative, Community Work Services, Boston, MA; And Research Assistant , Morality Lab, Boston College
  • Article WriterWebsite:Parlia- an encyclopedia of opinion , And Salesperson, Anschutz Public Relations (remote)
  • Intern, Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona, Spain (Remote)
  • Research Intern, Pediatric Environmental Health Center, Boston Children’s Hospital
  • Boston, MA (Remote)

Summer 2020

  • Medical school course work; and shadowing surgeons at a hospital in Puerto Rico
  • Fellow, Virtual Global Health Fellowship Program, Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children
  • Research Assistant, Cooperation Lab, Boston College
  • Women’s Republic, an online feminist publication (remote)
  • Data Engineering intern, Facebook, Menlo Park, CA (remote)
  • UBS, Investment Banking Division, NY, NY (remote)
  • Stage Manager/Director & Production Stage Manager, Bright Lights Theatre Company, Chicago
  • Research Intern, Prof. Erik Owens, International Studies Program, Boston College (remote); and UCLA, Korean Language Course Online
  • Solutions Architech Intern, Amazon Web Services Division, Amazon, Inc., Seattle, WA (remote)
  • Research Intern, The SMALL Undergraduate Research Project, National Science Foundation & Science Center of Williams College, Williamstown, MA (remote)
  • Software Engineer & Product Development, GiveCard (501c3 non-profit, financial empowerment for homeless), Boston Consulting Group’s Social Impact Project, Denver, CO (remote)
  • Intern, Perella Weinberg Partners, NY, NY (remote)
  • Intern, Intrepid Analytics; and Research Assistant, Prof. Kane, CSOM, Boston College; and Seminar with Deloitte (remote)
  • Social Impact Ambassadors Program, Boston Consulting Group - Chicago, Placement: Boston Public Health Commission, Ryan Whit Services Division (remote)
  • Intern, Guggenheim Partners, Internal Audit Division, NY, NY (remote)

Summer 2019

  • Research Intern, Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Science, (An affiliate of MIT) Lab of Dr. David Sabatini, Cambridge, MA
  • Intern, Real Estate Financing Division, Goldman Sachs, New York, NY
  • Intern, Office of Trade & Manufacturing Policy, National Economic Council, White House, Washington, DC
  • Intern, UTILE Design, Boston, MA
  • Summer Research Fellow, Center for Sexualities, AIDS & Gender, University of Pretoria, Pretoria, South Africa; And Participant, International Summer University for Intercultural Leadership, Istanbul, Turkey
  • KPMG, Economic & Valuation Services, Transfer Pricing Analyst, Boston, MA
  • Technology Development Program Intern, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Lexington, MA
  • Audit Intern, Audit & Assurance Group, Deloitte & Touche LLP, Boston, MA & Hyderabad, India
  • Intern, Sakhi South Asian Women (anti-domestic violence non-profit), New York, NY
  • Intern, Deloitte, SHINE Marketing Internship Program, Boston, MA
  • Summer Associate, Healthcare Industry, Boston Consulting Group, Seattle, WA
  • Intern, Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, Dorchester, MA
  • Research Intern, MIT Haystack Observatory, Groton, MA
  • Research Assistant, Lab of Dr. Carmen Priolo, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Boston, MA

Summer 2018

  • House Caucus Intern for the 2018 Summer Semester, Washington, DC
  • Protagonist Technology, Washington, DC
  • Refugee Resettlement, International Institute of New England, Community Services Program, Boston, MA
  • Engineering Development Group, MathWorks, Natick, MA
  • Audit, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Boston, MA
  • The National Center for Disease Control & Public Health, Lugar Center for Public Health, Tbilisi, Georgia
  • Neighborhood/HELP, Miami, FL
  • thredUP, San Francisco, CA
  • Accounting & Marketing, KREWE, New Orleans, MS
  • Public Relations, Gladstone Place Partners, New York, NY
  • Association for Diplomatic Studies & Training, Washington, DC
  • Archives Unit, Harry S. Truman Presidential Library, Independence, MS
  • Translator & Public Relations, Office of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
  • Refugee Patient Navigator, Boston Center for Refugee Health & Human Rights, Boston Medical Center, Boston, MA

Summer 2017

  • Intern, Middle East Institute, Washington, DC
  • Intern, Deloitte Consulting, Boston, MA
  • Research Intern, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, Washington, DC
  • Clinical Research Intern, Surgical Outcomes Analysis and Research Team, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA
  • Research Assistant, Artavanis-Tsakonas Laboratory, Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical Institute, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, Brooklyn, NY
  • Product Manager Intern, Caravan Studios, TechSoup Global, New York, NY
  • Intern, Environmental Voter Project, Boston, MA
  • Customer Insights Analyst Intern, Marketing Department, Bloomingdale’s, New York, NY
  • Research Assistant, Prof. Michael Tomko & Prof. Helena Tomko, Humanities Department, Villanova University, Philadelphia, PA
  • Deloitte, SHINE Marketing Internship Program, San Francisco, CA
  • Health Education Intern, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless Program, HER Saturdays Women’s Clinic, Boston, MA
  • Nursing Intern, Summer Nurse Technician Program, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Emergency Department, Washington, DC
  • Congressional Intern, U.S. House of Representatives, Office of Congresswoman Katherine Clark of Massachusetts, Washington, DC
  • Research Assistant, Prof. Stephen Bush, Religious Studies Department, Brown University, Providence, RI
  • Intern, Lookback (software company), Menlo Park, CA
  • Intern, Marketing & Design, Cools NYC (fashion start-up), New York, NY
  • Administrative Intern, Executive Level, regional Appliance Factory, and extended ethnographic study, Donggauan, China

Summer 2016

  • Intern, Disability Law Center, Boston, MA
  • Summer Analyst, Citigroup, Healthcare Investment Banking Division, San Francisco, CA
  • Intern, Arise Chicago, Chicago, IL
  • Intern, Office of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and Office of the House Committee on Homeland Security, Washington, DC
  • Building Opportunities for Leadership Development Internship Program, Google, Inc., Product Quality and Operations team, Mountain View, CA
  • Transcultural Psychiatry Research Unit, Vall d’Hebron University, Barcelona, Spain
  • Intern, The Magic Circle Theater, Tufts University, Medford, MA
  • Intern, The Office of the Hon. Maribeth Raffinan, Associate Judge, Superior Court, Washington, DC, and Teaching Fellow, Generation Teach Senior Teaching Fellowship Program, Boston, MA
  • Analyst Intern, Charles River Associates, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Partners in Health, Engage Department, Boston, MA
  • Actor, Wyldewood Players, Sterling Renaissance Festival, Sterling, NY
  • Research Assistant, Computation & Cognition Lab, Stanford University Center for Language and Information, Palo Alto, CA
  • Research Intern, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Lab of Dr. Erika Forbes, and Shadowing Dr. Will Musser and Dr. Angela Lu, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Intern, Results for Development, Center for Health Market Innovations, Washington, DC
  • Summer Analyst, Cornerstone Research, Boston, MA
  • Operations Intern, Boston Public Health Commission, Boston, MA
  • Intern, The Valve Research Group, Anesthesiology & Cardiology Departments, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA
  • Intern, US State Department, US Embassy, Yerevan, Armenia

Summer 2015

  • Research Intern for Prof. Angie Boyce, Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Cambridge, MA
  • Intern, The Jesuit Conference of Canada & the United States; National Advocacy Office, Washington DC
  • Intern, Lumleian Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review Stress-Testing Department, M&T Bank, Buffalo, NY
  • Research Assistant, University of Rochester's Physics & Astronomy Research Experience for Undergraduate Program, Rochester, NY
  • Intern, Community of Faith International, Tangier, Morocco and Research Assistant, Neurology Lab of Professor Taoufiq Fechtali, University of Hassan II Casablanca, Mohammedia, Morocco
  • Teacher, Mathematics, Breakthrough Collaborative, Kent Denver School, Denver, CO
  • Research Intern,Channing Division of Network Medicine, Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
  • Research Intern, Hekima Institute of Peace Studies & International Relations; Nairobi, Kenya
  • Editorial Intern,Commonweal Magazine, NY, NY
  • Research Intern, Gillette Children's Hospital, Muscular Dystrophy Lab of Dr. Mark Gormley, Minneapolis, MN, and Program Coordinator, Include-Play-Learn Project and Ghana Strong Internship Program, Accra, Ghana
  • Policy Research Intern, Office of Governor Gina Raimondo, Providence RI
  • Intern, Audit Department, PriceWaterhouse Cooper, Philadelphia, PA
  • Intern, Office of the Superintendent of Schools, Archdiocese of New York, NY, NY
  • Fellow, Dat Venture, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Marketing & Communications, LaunchCode, St Louis, MO

Summer 2014

  • Intern, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA
  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Banking and Markets Corporate Finance Group, New York, NY
  • Research Intern, Biblioteca del Dialetto Parmigiano, Parma, Italy
  • Intern, Haley House, Boston, MA
  • Research Assistant, Professors Jonathan Bethard and Ethan Baxter, Boston University, Boston, MA
  • Project Management Intern, WePay, Palo Alto, CA
  • Intern, Community Action Network, Centre for Community Resource Development, Belize City, Belize
  • Intern, IDEAs Against Violence, Inc., Weymouth, MA
  • Production Intern, Trium Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA
  • Intern, Samson Gallery, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Public Relations, Marketing & Public Affairs, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO
  • Intern, St. Peter Claver Catholic School, Tampa, FL
  • Volunteer Teacher, Agape Volunteers, Nairobi, Kenya
  • ESL Internship Assistant, Father Greg Sharkey, Desideri House, Boudanath, Kathmandu, Nepal AND Tibetan Language Lessons & Textual Research, Boudanath, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Intern, Boeing Learning Center, The National Archives, Washington, DC
  • Research Intern, Dr. Peter Clote, Biology Department, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA
  • Intern, Boston College Magazine, Chestnut Hill, MA
  • Intern, Education Department, The Museum of the African Diaspora, San Francisco, CA
  • Research Assistant, Prof. Welkin Johnson, Biology Department, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

Summer 2013

  • Intern and Research Assistant for Health and Tax Policy, Joint Economics Committee, U.S. Congress, Washington, DC and Summer Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC and Member, Asian-American Coalition, Maryland GOP
  • Intern, X-Ray Astronomy Section, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA
  • Research Intern, The Center for Jewish History, New York, NY
  • U.S. Youth Observer to the United Nations, U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC and Hertog Political Science Fellowship Program, Washington, DC
  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Summer Student Fellowship, Computational Biogeochemistry Group, Woods Hole, MA
  • Intern, Dept. of Enterprise, Investment and Trade, Belfast, Northern Ireland
  • Intern, Public Affairs Department, Environmental Protection Agency, Boston, MA
  • Intern, Jesuit Conference Secretariat, Social and International Ministries, Washington, DC
  • Credit Risk Summer Analyst, Morgan Stanley, New York, NY
  • Intern, Scientific Research Lab, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA and Research Assistant, Biological Anthropology Department, University of Reading, Reading, England
  • Intern, Cardiovascular Diseases Group, Research & Development Department, Genzyme, Inc., Framingham, MA
  • Intern, Executive Service Corps of New England, Boston, MA and Research Assistant, Prof. Juliet Schor, Sociology Department, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA

Juniors Studying Abroad

Boston College has a vibrant study abroad program and approximately 25-30% of the junior class studies in another country. Through theOffice of International Programs (OIP)BC has over 40 partnerships worldwide through which students are integrated into overseas universities.

Presidential Scholars are encouraged to take advantage of this educational opportunity. Over the years Scholars have gone to such diverse locations as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, England, France, Nepal, The Netherlands, Russia, Scotland, South Africa and Germany.

Scholars who study abroad on a BC administered program retain their scholarship. Scholars participating in non-BC administered study abroad programs will have their BC financial aid put on hold for the time they are away and will have the aid reinstated upon the student's return to BC. In many cases, state and federal financial aid may travel with students on non-BC administered programs.


In order to capitalize on the reservoir of talent and initiative of the Scholars, committees are formed so Scholars can exercise their leadership skills and implement projects of interest. The committees are organized around a specific topic or project and will run until the completion of the project. For some, that will be throughout the academic year and for others that will be over a shorter period of time.

Committees that generally run from year-to-year include:

Ex Libris

Scholars who wish to attend occasional meetings to edit Ex Libris make up the Ex Libris committee and are lead by upperclassmen Scholars along with the GPSP Administrative Assistant. Members come up with ideas for articles for Ex Libris (the GPSP Newsletter), write and edit the articles and/or assign articles to be written by other Scholars. A member of this committee is also assigned to be the liaison with the alumni so that alumni news is included in the newsletter on a frequent basis. This committee meets approximately once a month throughout the academic year.

GPSP Selection Process Committee

Members of this committee help to organize the yearly recruitment process where approximately 65 high school seniors visit BC, have interviews and participate in program activities. The members help to host and find other hosts for the visiting students, they arrange social events and accompany the visiting students on excursions into Boston. This committee generally functions from October/November until about mid-February each year.

Social Justice Committee

This committee is comprised of the sophomore class of Scholars. It is their task to come up with and lead all of the Scholars in a social justice project to take place throughout each year. The project should be something that involves multiple campus-wide events in order to educate the wider BC community about the topic they have selected.

Library Partnerships

The Gabelli Presidential Scholars Program has a special partnership with the BC Library. This partnership enables us to offer the following to our Scholars:

  • Graduate level borrowing privileges in all BC libraries.
  • Enrollment in the Boston Library Consortium Program (see below for a description of this program).

The Boston Library Consortium*

The Boston Library Consortium is a cooperative association of sixteen academic and research libraries. Its purpose is to share human and information resources so that the collective strengths of the group advance the research and learning of the members' constituents. Founded in 1970, the Consortium supports resource sharing and enhancement of services to users through programs in cooperative collecting, access to electronic resources, access to physical collections, and enhanced interlibrary loan and document delivery. Access to research materials at member institutions is facilitated by:

  • Computerized Gateway information services with access to the Consortium's Union List of Serials, members' online catalogs and other information resources;
  • Interlibrary loan utilizing a dedicated daily delivery service and telefacsimile and Internet transmission;
  • On-site use of most member libraries;
  • Borrowing privileges for qualified researchers.

*Text from the Boston Library Consortium User Guide 2000/2001

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Wall Street Tribute Dinner

Each year, Presidential Scholars enjoy meeting the donors who have supported them for the past four years at the Wall Street Council Tribute Dinner.